TO provide professional services to the utmost quality ensuring your BUSINESS' PERFORMANCE AND suCCESS

Melissa Dinsdale, GIT, A.Ag

Years of experience: 4
Position: Environmental Geoscientist

Ms. Dinsdale joined Island Geoscience Inc. late in 2015. She is attained a B.Sc in Environmental Geoscience in 2012. She has focused her career on Terrain Stability, Karst Assessments and Geoscience Tutoring. She currently is an editor for Aspect, a newsletter published by the Division of Engineers and Geoscientists in the Resource Sector (APEGBC).


Island Geoscience Inc. is a consulting company primarily servicing the resource sectors with respect to geohazards. In addition, we also offer training and project management services. Island Geoscience Inc. is an OQM certified company with APEGBC, ensuring our clients receive the professional quality of our services that are counted on and can be trusted.

David M. Melville,P.Geo, PMP

Years of experience: 31
Position: President, CEO & Senior Geoscientist

Mr. Melville established Island Geoscience Inc. to provide a wide range of geoscience consulting services and has expanded into project management, training and education. He provides the leadership and forward thinking for Island Geoscience and passes those two qualities on to our clients. He has a vast and varied background that was built on geoscience research early in his career. He is highly active in the Association of Engineers and Gesocientists of BC being the current past chair for the Division of Engineers and Geoscientists in the Resource Sector, a member of the Advisory Task Group for Corporate Practice (APEGBC) and a member of the Professional Practice Committee (APEGBC)

We strive to help business' reduce risk and maximize opportunities. We will work as a team with our clients to provide the 'right' answer being environmentally and safety focused.

Barbara Goddard, PMP

Years of experience: 15
Position: Project Management Professional

Ms. Goddard joined Island Geoscience Inc. in 2013 to expand the project management services for Island Geoscience. She has worked on both small to very large projects (multi-million dollar) in various capacities such as Project Manager  and Project Coordinator.  

Island Geoscience Inc.